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ATX Extreme Pulse Induction. Garrett’s most powerful pulse detector! Introducting and Instructional Videos
  ATX Instructional Part 1  
Introducing Garrett ATX
ATX Pulse Induction All Terrain Extreme metal detector.
ATX Instructional Part 1
Setup and operation of the Garrett ATX is shown in this instructional video.

Audio Signals, Controls and Functions, Motion and Non-Motion Modes, Frequency Scan, Discrimination, Sensitivity, Threshold, Volume and Ground Balance are demonstrated.
ATX Instructional Part 2
Ground Track, Retune, Pinpointing, Iron Check, Factory Reset, Tips and Techniques, Underwater Operation, Searchcoil Removal and Installation, Battery Replacement and Charging, Storing ATX in its Soft Case and ATX Care and Maintenance are demonstrated in part 2 of this instructional video.
  ATX Ground Balance Demo for Australia
Jamie Line, an Australian dealer, shared this indoor demonstration video with the ATX. Jamie demonstrates how prospectors can eliminate Australian hot rocks; how the ATX can eliminate a hot rock containing gold and maintain gold detection; and a side-balancing technique for areas of very hot mineralized soil.
  ATX Finds Gold Nugget Video            
Garrett ATX: Relic
Diggin’ in Virginia

Civil War relic diggers talk about the ATX’s performance, and show finds they made during recent organized relic hunts in Culpeper County, VA … where the highly mineralized soils can challenge a metal detector’s performance.
  Garrett ATX Finds A Nice Gold Nugget!
In the highly mineralized ground of Western Australia, the Garrett ATX sounds off loud on a nice nugget.
Garrett ATX hits Gold
in Nevada

During one of Gerry's customer training session down in Rye Patch Nevada, the Garrett ATX hits gold!

  Gerry McMullen shares
a tip on setting up the
ATX for hot rocks.

  Garrett ATX: Australian Sub-Gram Gold Nuggets
ATX is demonstrated on tiny gold nuggets in highly mineralized ironstone clay/gravel typically encountered in Australian gold fields.
  Garrett ATX with 8" Mono Test on Small Gold Nugget
Alan Mash compares the 8" mono coil and stock
12"x 10" DD coil on small gold nuggets.
  Part 2 – Garrett ATX Tested on Small Gold Nuggets
Alan shares additional field tests on small gold nuggets with the standard ATX
12 x 10" DD coil.
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