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Treasure Hunting & Prospecting Videos: DVD / VHS Format

Southwestern Treasures—DVD
Two features. Treasures of Mexico features electronic prospecting by Garrett field team in Mexico’s Cobre Canyon. Gold and Treasure Adventures includes a competition treasure hunt in the California desert, plus a treasure hunting trip to Europe.
55 min. PN 1670100
(en inglés)

Treasure Visions and a Utah Treasure Trek—DVD
Charles Garrett documents ghost town and other hermit cabin searches and actual finds of several caches of gold, silver and coins. A 20-minute behind-the-scenes filming special runs immediately after Treasure Visions. A 5-minute company history video completes this DVD.
60 min. PN 1673500
(en inglés)


Gold Panning is Easy/Weekend Prospecting—DVD
Two features. Gold Panning is Easy tells where and how to locate gold with Gravity Trap gold pans. Weekend Prospecting demonstrates techniques for finding gold with detector and pan while vacationing in gold country.
77 min. PN 1678800
(en inglés)